Andrew Rosindell Calls For Patriotism To Be Encouraged In Schools


Today, Andrew Rosindell MP, argued that patriotism and national pride should be taught in school from a young age, live on national radio. Speaking to LBC’s John Stapleton, Romford’s MP said “Children need to be taught from a young age just how lucky they are to be part of Britain. This is a wonderful country with a fascinating history and exciting future. It has survived because of a successful set of tried and tested values, which must remain at core of everything we do

 “Across the world, children are taught to love their countries and to stand shoulder to shoulder under their national flag. In Britain, we seem to only become patriotic at football and rugby games. As important as this is, we need children and indeed adults, to feel part of something magnificent. What people need to understand is that our flag and national anthem give us all- irrespective of background- something to look up to and rally around. It is vitally important for social cohesion in the long term."

Talking about his own time as a local councillor, Andrew said “It is shocking to think about just how many threats there are to patriotism. We must never forget how Labour tried desperately to stop the Union Jack from flying above Havering Town Hall. ”

Asked what he believed a curriculum could look like in the midst of an ever changing demographical layout, Andrew said “A national curriculum should be designed to ensure kids at school understand what they must do to help make Britain great. Other than loving your flag and understanding our history, children also need to understand how important it is to get involved with democracy by partaking in elections once they reach 18