Help make Havering's roads better

Local residents across Havering will benefit from a huge investment programme for the Borough’s roads and pavements.

Your local Conservatives have been campaigning for additional resources to be made available. This year £3.2 million is to be spent on upgrading roads and pavements across the Borough, and Havering has been awarded an extra £850,000 for pothole repairs by the Government, following this year’s Budget.

The Leader of the Council, Cllr. Damian White, has also announced a consultation on investing £40 million in the road and pavement network within the Borough over the next four years.

This will see the backlog of repairs cleared and the delivery of an enhanced road network.

Cllr Damian White said, “People across Havering have said that road improvements are their priority. I am pleased to be able to take on this challenge. Please let me know of any roads that you feel require urgent attention and I will visit them with you.”

Fill out our online survey to tell us if there are any roads or pavements you would like to see repaired or upgraded.


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